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Dee Dee Planet Dreamcast found and finally playable

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

2021 is a great year, with some a fine vintage taste due to the discoveries of several cancelled games. We will remember the notable releases of Planet Dinausor for the Nintendo 64 and Castlevania Resurrection for the Dreamcast.

PC™ 2K21 brings his contribution to the Dreamcast community with the discovery and the release of the GD-I of the Unreleased Dee Dee Planet on DC. He thanks the dev who sent him the prototype to preserve it, so again, thanks to them.

While we thought it was locked up in the safe of Sega of America's archives, a copy seems to have found its way outside. It was announced for 2001/08/10 in Japan. It was cancelled due to a big bug in the online mode. Another discordant source reports an average game that did not receive the approval of Sega of America for a release.

Dee Dee Planet was based on old 8-bit games from the eighties. Players fight each other by operating their robots inside three different zones - block zone, freeze zone and liquid zone. The gravity differs depending on the map. To shoot, you simply control the angle and power of the shot.

The release of Dee Dee Planet on Dreamcast was planned in July 2000, for Europe. Its code was to be "MK-51085-50" with the barcode "5060004760558". These informations are in a listing from Sega France.

Update of 4 October 2022:

Shuouma was able to make the game playable online based on the network mode model of Chu Chu Rocket. 20 years after its cancellation, it is now possible to play Dee Dee Planet online and challenge players who want to try it!

To learn more about its online mode, go to: Dreamcast Live

Update of 20 January 2023:

BANANABREAK, a long time friend, is finally back and offers us today a new build of Dee Dee Planet Dreamcast. This new prototype, in version 1.007, dates from 2 months after the one discovered in 2022. The differences are few and are mainly in the executable (the 1ST_READ).

à gauche le nouvelle prototype, à droite l'ancien

The interest of this new beta remains for the preservation side since the game will not bring any real change compared to the previous one.

You can download it below:


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