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Dead Or Alive 2 Dreamcast (DEBUG MENU HACK)

Sharing prototypes has its benefits. Apart from preservation, a public opening of this kind of data allows talented hackers to mod our favorite games, to dig deep into some titles by doing Reverse Engineering and to discover things we would have missed (unused cutscenes, unused script features etc.).

In this case, the release of the Dreamcast prototypes of Dead or Alive 2 allowed to make available a locked Debug Menu that will be erased when the final version of the game is pressed.

VincentNL, who had already worked on the Reverse Engineering of an Unreleased build of Mortal Kombat 4 Dreamcast, is at the origin of this Hack.

"The Arcade version is still the "source", I first reverse engineered the Naomi version. I discovered that in the arcade version of DOA2, the developers at Team Ninja (Tecmo) had disabled and removed parts of the debugging feature. What I mean is that for some reason, the developers kept a partially implemented Debug Menu in the Dreamcast prototype, but removed it in the Arcade (which is pretty strange)."

In the Dreamcast proto, there are also remnants of the Arcade function "PASSWORD" system. The image is not displayed on the DC, but it works.

The Debug Menu allows you to modify some of the game's parameters such as increasing or decreasing the character's health points, adding and removing time, rotating the fighter on himself, turning and zooming around the character with the camera, the Free Camera mode and modifying the lighting options.

Download links :

The Hack to make the patch :

The application to patch the original ISO :

Important : If you can't patch the game as explained above, contact me privately, I will send you the full iso.


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