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GUILTY GEAR X V1.000 2000.03.27 Dreamcast prototype

The story :

Guilty Gear X  is a fighting game released in July 2000 developed by Arc System Works and published by Sammy Studios . It was first released on Naomi , then ported to Dreamcast .

The title remained a Japanese exclusive, until the PlayStation 2 port.

There remains a Gear (a biological weapon) on Earth and the government offers a nice package to whoever will eliminate it. 14 volunteers show up, all very different in their fighting style. The latter are quite varied, both in terms of their look and in terms of their way of fighting.

Particularities :

Guilty Gear X dreamcast prototype main t
  • 16 Track instead of 38.

  • Music is not present during the opening scene. It also changes from that known throughout the game.

  • The intro is not the same.

  • The title menu is on a blue background and differs from that of the final version.

  • "Normal" mode should be "Arcade" mode.

  • In demo mode, by pressing "A", numbers and letters appear which could correspond to "Ranking".

  • In the play mode selection menu, the "Recording" and the Homepage "do not yet exist.

  • The option mode is incomplete. It only seems to work when you get to the title menu the first time.

  • In the character selection menu, the "Count" icon is placed at the top left and not at the bottom left. A die option is present, the "SLE mode xxxxx". I don't know what it is. The 16 fighters are directly playable. An "R" replaces the "?" for the random choice of the character.

  • In play, there is no "Press Start" to bring in player number two.

  • Still in play, the "1 Pl" icon on the health bar is not there.

  • In game, scoring is not implemented.

  • By tapping the opponent, a score appears. Emblems also appear, more or less large, during hits.

Guilty Gear X dreamcast prototype charac
Guilty Gear X dreamcast prototype demo p

Comparison of the intro sequence

Prototype Footage


This build remains mysterious. The game has been ported, I believe, to the Dreamcast since the Naomi version. The Naomi version looks nothing like this prototype.

It exists  an Atomisvawe version named "Guilty Gear X 1.5" . I thought of a build between the DC version and Atomisvawe . The game on this arcade system is also totally different.

I really invite you to analyze in detail the files of this Beta. I eagerly await your feedback. I don't have the skills to do it.

Edit (thanks to "ぽめ" on twitter) : The Dreamcast and Naomi versions were probably developed in parallel, almost at the same time.

This build of March 27, 2000 would correspond to the Naomi version presented at "AOU2000 Amusement Expo" which took place on February 25, 2000. The marketing of Guilty Gear X Naomi began in July 2000. The launch of the game on Dreamcast was the 14 December 2000.

"稼 働" is a term used only in the arcade version

Guilty Gear X dreamcast version différen
Guilty Gear X dreamcast vs naomi différe
Guilty Gear X dreamcast beta

You can download it below:

GUILTY GEAR X V1.000 2000.03.27

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