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Dreamcast Collector: Seaman Christmas

The game Christmas Seaman: Omoi o Tsutaeru Mou Hitotsu no Houhou is a game released on Dreamcast, sold between December 16 and 24, 1999 only, and exclusively in Japan. It is developed and distributed by the Vivarium studio, like its predecessor Seaman: Kindan no Pet. (Which we will come back to later).


The game is akin to a Tamagochi. So you're going to raise Seaman, a strange half-human, half-fish / amphibian animal. The peculiarity is that the game is developed to be used with a microphone! Thus, you will interact vocally with your protégé and you will make him evolve, passing from an aquarium (fish) to a vivarium (frog) and thus make him more intelligent.

Two versions of the game will be released:

  • The “Message Disc” edition, which features a jacket and a red GD-Rom, and sold for around 2800.

  • The “Present Disc” edition, which features a yellowed jacket and a white GD-Rom, sold around 980.

As for the previous version of the game, a collector console in the colors of the game will appear.

It is limited to 850 copies for sale (and a few others in serial number 000/850), only for Japan.

She is adorned with a magnificent red dress, recalling of course the red of Santa's coat. The "power" button is green and the "open" button is yellow and of course the logo of the white game, which is none other than the character Seaman with a pretty Christmas hat, proudly sports the cover of the game. GD-rom reader.

The controller resumes the same pageantry as the console, all dressed in red, resumes green for the stick and this time a blue for the directional cross. A VMU is also added to the Bundle. In the packaging we also find a certificate of authenticity, the console manual, a GD-rom Dream Password as well as the original Seaman game with the microphone.

Thanks for reading this article (it may be updated if we find more information)

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